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Suicide Threats

Suicide is a scary and deadly possibility for teens these days!  Do you know what to do if a student who you know is suicidal?  As a youth worker, you need to know what to do, because God might use you to save someone’s life!

This podcast will give you some practical and helpful tips so you will know what to do and be better equipped to help students.

If you want more help with Suicide related issues here’s a few helpful Suicide Resources links:

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

ebook: Understanding Suicide

How to Handle potential suicide blog:

Counseling help for suicide threat or attempt

 Suicide prevention help

Society for Teen suicide prevention:



Counseling: Same-Sex Attraction

How to you counsel a student who says they are gay or who has same-sex attraction?  This is not an easy one, but it is a super important topic that we need to be ready to walk with students through as youth leaders.  What do you say?  If a student has trusted you enough to share this with you, you need to show them the love of Christ.  You need to be Jesus to them.  How do you do that?  Hopefully this podcast will help!

This podcast is taken from Jeanne Mayo’s ivolunteer with permission 🙂

Please check out her website: for tons of youth ministry resources and coaching on every topic imaginable!