Parents Purity Series & Resources 2016

“Can We Not Talk About This?”  Parents info/overview.

Parents Resource Video: More than Just “The Talk” Some help with talking to your kids about sex

Parents Resource Video: Navigating Technology with your Middle Schooler

Quest resource:

If you didn’t pick up a physical copy of our smart phone discussion guide from your student’s Small Group Leader on May 4, you can now download it here.

Keeping up with technology at home:

Quest recommends Circle. It’s the simplest and most flexible technology monitoring product we’ve found that that covers most devices and allows us to pick the right options for different ages and stages. Circle monitors all of these devices by “coupling” with your wireless router. Though this doesn’t cover cellular devices, it’s a good start for the family.

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May 4th. When you sexualize any relationship, it gets more complicated.

Small Group leaders guide week 1


May 11th – 6th grade girls

Week 2 6th grade girls small groups leader guide

May 11th- Think long term.

Week 2 small group leader guide


May 18th. God’s will for you is purity until marriage.

Week 3 small groups guide

Cell Phone Agreement

Cell Phone Agreement